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Cunningly making its way through foundation openings and the cracks of homes and buildings, radon is unable to be smelled or viewed. This vicious radioactive gas is the primary cause of non-smokers acquiring cancer in the U.S. Naturally unleashed through the soil, an individual must not put off having a radon test performed on their business or home. If the levels of radon gas are excessive, a radon mitigation device should be engineered for the dwelling. About seven percent of American homes have radon levels that are surprisingly dangerously high. Some specific areas of a building have higher levels of radon than in other areas such as a basement.
This vicious gas can exist in old as well as new homes. Over a period of time, radon gas gradually increases and it can also affect the health of individuals especially if smokers reside in the home, so radon remediation is worthwhile. Radon is produced when the decay of uranium occurs, where it moves upward by way of the ground, outside to the air of a home, hiding in foundation cracks, fishers, and holes. Radon removal is the ultimate solution but first the building must be assessed for the vapors. Radon system testing is simple and often inexpensive as many kits cost about $18.50. Often these kits may cost less when purchased through state and county health departments.
The short term radon testing can take up to seven days while radon texting for long term can take about 90 days but it can produce more accuracy. When you consider the importance of maintaining individual health the cost of radon inspection is crucial to all. To get started on the radon testing, a container is placed inside the lowest (occupied) level of a building (usually this is a basement). Once the testing period is finished, simply seal up the container and mail it to the address indicated on the radon testing package. In a few days a detailed report will be mailed back to you, indicating the levels of radon in your home or building.
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In the event the building indicates elevated levels, then you must take measures for radon gas abatement to ensure a building’s safety. To remove this dangerous gas you must consider investing in a radon mitigation system. Radon reduction is a job that should be completed by a radon mitigation technician or contractor. There are numerous radon reduction techniques available so one can usually consult with a contractor to discuss the type of radon mitigation system appropriate for your building. Usually a radon remediation method is accomplished by removing radon from under a particular structure, than the gas is discharged outside this structure. Radon mitigation cost can depend on the type of building it will be done on in addition to community regulations.
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